Many consulting firms consider customer service to be secondary to the skill set they bring to an engagement. At Silveredge, we hold the customer service we provide to be as important as our technical background. We are an integrity-driven firm that functions with a strict set of core values. This philosophy differentiates us from our competitors and establishes our organization as the standard for high quality consulting services.


One of our core values is trust. Building trust in a consulting firm starts with evaluating that company’s experience with certain types of projects. As you research our case studies and testimonials you will find Silveredge has a long history of successful projects in many different technical areas and in many diverse industries. A common attribute with all of our projects is our drive to make our customers successful.


We utilize a combination of talented personnel with an environment that fosters creativity and hard work. We view each project as a stepping-stone to a new opportunity. We will not settle for anything less than a successful customer experience.